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GrowXCD Finance Pvt Ltd is an RBI-registered Non-Banking Finance Company that presently operates from Twelve branches located in Tamil Nadu. GrowXCD aspires to accelerate the economic growth of MSMEs and low-income households by enabling them to access capital.



To enhance the economic growth of MSMEs and low-income households by providing them with access to capital. The company's main focus is on developing credit infrastructure that enables institutional capital to seamlessly flow into retail assets secured by mortgages. By building these credit rails, GrowXCD aims to facilitate the efficient allocation of funds and promote economic development in the target segments.



"To create a future where low-income households have equal access to credit facilities, enabling financial empowerment, resilience, and upward mobility for every member of our community."

Our Uniqueness

We celebrate your milestones, address your concerns and walk hand-in-hand with every step of the way to your dream home.

Quick Disbursment

Distribution or release of funds in a timely manner and without delay.

Loan Process

Customized Loans, Tailored to Fit Your Unique Needs.

Smart Documentation

Intelligent Documentation for Modern Enterprises.

Affordable Interest

Interest Rates Tailored to Your Pocket: Affordable and Accessible.

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Our network for customer touch points